Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.


What would you do today if you were certain that God was taking care of you?


You would certainly smile. Is it possible to smile even through adversity? It almost seems sacrilege to smile when life seems to not smile. Which is a true reflection? Do you have to smile first before life smiles back at you and how long do you need to smile before contentment and ease arrive? Perhaps life is always smiling and the view of its smile is only seen through certain perspectives. If so, what might those perspectives be? What perspective shift do you need to allow the smile of life?


The dance to live consistent bliss is the magic of synthesis. We are all connected and our moments are continuously colliding andintersecting to create truth or inauthencity. 

How you respond in those moments of connection affect and effect more than you can imagine. Are you a person who inspires magic or are you a skeptic? What are your beliefs about how life should or should not be? Does suffering tell the story or does the possibility of impossible exist? Our culture is challenging not because it needs to be but because more of us believe in suffering and materialism than ease and gratitude. Look inside and search for any remnants of beliefs that are not real to you and breathe them out. 


Each of you that believe in the freedom of goodness will allow another to be set free. You will give space to someone right next to you or miles away to chooselove instead of fear. 

Right now in this moment you have an opportunity to respond with the belief that you are a part of something beautiful and allow the grace within you to shine through brighter and deeper than ever. Try it. The cup is always full. Heal and fill. 


Free yourself of the thoughts of others that have become your own and define your own beliefs. 


The practice: Write a list of all the actions you would take and the experiences you would allow if you were certain God existed and was taking care of you. Take 21 days and live that list. Observe the magic that arrives as you create your own proof. Share with others.


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