Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.



Ria Ray is a collected painter with an international following. Her technique and journey have been an interesting one as she is self-taught, emerging out of a need to express her soul and a way to share more of her work as a healer and teacher. Her art provokes a closer look, beckoning slowly, as each layer reveals new insights, a code unraveled that was hidden deep within the recesses of Ria’s heart and soul. These hidden stories, mysteries to be discovered, grow more profound with each viewing. Are you sure of what you see, maybe not, but viewing the paintings invite you to look inside yourself, triggering contemplation, and encouraging you to explore your own existence.  Looking deeper evokes a mirrored expression, drawing you in to expose your own journey as it opens like a flower to greater depths. It’s a beautiful charged experience of infinite reinvention.

According to Ria “I tried to use brushes but no matter how hard I tried, I was compelled to use only my hands. I craved that direct connection onto the canvas as if the energy needed to go straight onto the canvas. It’s as if the brush was a distraction, an obstacle that hindered the absolution of truth that the work demanded.

Each painting has at least 10 pieces within the one. The contemplation runs deep and the stories many. It’s as if I get to create this poetic light in each movement on the canvas is a caress of my soul.”

The work is in mixed media, layered all by hand, as though Ria is being guided in her creation. Her hands sometimes vigorous and sometimes slow trace across the canvas, she moves to create its depth. The colors build, mastering an ethereal quality, images obscured, hidden but present, with mixes of bright colors washed with other more subdued tones. The canvases, both light and dark, shimmer and disappear with undulating energy. The work is always changing, as new sources of inspiration take flight gleaned from daily observations.  Life challenges get expressed in movements of the hands illuminating the scared rites of passage as she goes into her own trace that flows without premeditation on to the canvas.

The pictures’ messages are many, and open gateways for the viewer, one moment you may see one thing, and another day you may see another. Isn’t that a perfect link to the continuous journey of the awakening of the soul.

“My work is a portal into my humanity and my consciousness. It is the way I evolve into more energy to create and advance my entire being to serve and celebrate the connection into each and every one of us here existing in this space...into the unknown.”

“My hope is that the viewer will allow the work to open up and speak to the whisper within and allow that whisper to grow and inspire a new way of being alive. a way to master the inner power of the soul and use it with the grace it most deserves.”