Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.



On canvas, Ria creates with mixed media including acrylics, paper, photographs, found objects and poetry. The steadfast pull of the collective soul ignites and informs all of her work. Characterized by bold fields of color and organically textured areas that glimmer with flashes of light, Ria's abstract paintings are fine art and also serve as talismans for diving deeper into consciousness. The subtle, mysterious glow that suffuses her images facilitates the exploration of hopes, dreams and imagination.

Ria fuses color, light, texture and depth to create art that inspires inquiry, compassion and acceptance. Her abstract images are suffused with brave hues and vulnerable shadows, reminding us that true representations of the searching mind and heart must always include hints of uncertainty. "The way in which life is lived is art. Walking though life with the humility to learn and the courage to change when needed is the purest form of art," Ria says.  

Ria's pieces hang on the walls of private collectors, Fortune 500 corporations, and offices throughout the entertainment industry. Her art has been exhibited in galleries at UCLA and in Santa Monica, Venice and Beverly Hills.

For more information on Ria's collection, gallery exhibitions and purchasing inquiries, please email ria@riaray.com.