Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.


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Rest Workshop

  • Lululemon 318 Queen Street West #300 toronto canada (map)

R ealize your truth

E xperience self-love

S trengthen your soul

T rust yourself

REST is a meditative force of love.

Surrender into what is real within you. Meet the noise inside and listen. Be fearless and unlock the hidden. breathe deep. relax. Drift deeper and let the warmth of your soul illuminate what you need to see. Stay gentle. Use your breath to open the spaces that are tight. Forgive. Release judgement. Let light flow in and allow your truth to find you. Allow your soul to guide you into resolve. Give up the chaos and give into peace. Breathe deeper. Exhale and let go again. Choose clarity. Allow the alchemy of your true self to emerge and create beauty inside. Slow down and release all outcomes. Trust that only what you need to evolve into more love can exist. Surrender and experience the stillness of self-love. It is that stillness that will create the momentum to move you forward on your path.

Join acclaimed teachers Ria Ray and Geoffrey Duval on Sunday, September 23rd for a transformative REST workshop followed by community gathering and refreshments. Geoffrey will help you release energy and feel into your body through yoga. Ria Ray will lead you into self-love with a blend of breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation. Together, they will teach you how to let go, self-heal and live life as your authentic self.

Ria Ray

Ria Ray is an acclaimed fine artist and spiritual teacher devoted to helping people find self-love and live their most meaningful lives. Born in Trinidad and Tobago of Indian descent, Ria's family emigrated to the U.S. when she was six. She grew up in the Washington D.C. area. When she was 27, her entire immediate family — mother, father, brother, sister and uncle — died in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning. The horror of this tragedy caused Ria to seek her purpose, and moved her to paint and help others heal. Ria’s paintings fuse color, light, texture and depth, serving as talismans for diving deeper into consciousness. Ria's pieces hang on the walls of private collectors, celebrities, Fortune 500 corporations, movie studios and galleries coast to coast.

As a healer, Ria uses her tremendous compassion and clarity to help people increase awareness, surmount obstacles, and love themselves more deeply. She acts as a catalyst to inspire change for individuals, groups and families through sessions, workshops and retreats across the globe. In partnership with Lululemon, Ria created her signature REST class, which blends healing and meditation into a sacred opportunity to reconnect with the soul. Ria collaborates with other partners including Russell Simons’ Tantris Center for Yogic Science, the Four Seasons, The Den Meditation, Iviva by Lululemon, Soho House and The Alchemist’s Kitchen.

The Ria Ray collection, created with love, illuminates a path into meaningful living. It includes her book, “create. humanity is beauty,” candles, mantra ties, journals, bath and body products and more. The Ria Ray collection is carried by fine retailers including Tantris, the Four Seasons, The Detox Market, The Closet by Sharon Segal and Nina Segal and Sol Yoga. Ria is married with two children; she lives in Tampa, Florida, and splits her time between Florida, New York, L.A. and Toronto.

Geoffrey DeVaul

Geoffrey DeVaul is a New York City based yoga instructor and healer. Since 1997, Geoffrey has been immersed in the process of self-love and the healing of trauma. Schooled in the art and science of biomechanics and the language of the heart, Geoffrey’s yoga teaching safely leads his students in to the most beneficial alignment for grounding and freeing the spirit. His down-to-earth approach and humor make for a light-hearted yet extremely impactful practice. His teaching is geared to two main aims: first to awaken the student to their own divine essence, secondly, upon having that awakening sharing in the delight of what that experience offers. Yoga comes from two words meaning the union of the self. Geoffrey is committed to every student having the experience of understanding themselves more fully and having a presence of their heart and the it’s power to heal and/or propel us to our most magnificent potential inside of this body, inside the gift of our lives. Yoga of the body (Hatha yoga), Breath work (Pranayama), and Meditation (Dhyana) are the staples of his practice.