Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.


Children are the bliss of the planet. They teach, share, and love unconditionally. Look into the eyes of a newborn and you will see the abyss of your consciousness. Look into the eyes of a toddler and you will see the reflection of what serves you and what does not. Experience a child and bathe in beauty. Listening is communicating from your relationship with spirit.


Even those of us who practice awareness can be greatly healed by our/the children. My son Jacob, 4 years old is my greatest and most challenging teacher. He consistently ushers me into my shadow and light allowing me to breakdown what serves me and what does not. He delivers clarity when I choose to embrace clarity. In the past, I attempted to control his behavior. The actions, words, attitudes that may have inconvenienced me, embarrassed me, or those I thought may contribute negatively to the world. I thought I was right. In my efforts to further control it, I soon learned he would not allow it, he would not listen and acted out in a myriad of ways. I began to observe through trial and error and consciousness and experienced his behavior as a perfect reflection of my own deep seated issue. He reflected my neediness, anger, loneliness, loss, and fear just to name a few. He was already becoming a pattern of me. I had projected my conflicts onto him and he was showing them to me for me to efficiently heal them. It is amazing to see your fear in mid-air as you are delivering it to another. I was immediately forced by divine listening to see myself and change my behavior. He looked at me absolutely clear knowing that it was my choice to change or not and that he was going to go on with his day without guilt and with love for me. A moment of evolution, blessing, and innocence. I listened and healed and allowed him to stay connected to his trueness - his spirit. We both learned, grew, and deepened our Self-love.


Children are the catalyst for positive change. Kind and clear mirrors. They are healers when we listen. It has never been an easy task to authentically look, embrace, and integrate our shadow. At times, beings with the purpose to inspire change can effortlessly send us into fits of rage - our resistance. Relax resistance, open your heart, and connect to love. It is a conscious choice to not project your conflict onto another and in this case a child. Appreciate the mirror and choose listening. It is at times easier to stay in resistance and simply be unthoughtful. The world cannot afford that. Thoughtfulness is authentic personal awareness, kindness, and gentle justice. I often observe adults that I see who do not smile at a child who is smiling directly at them. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt -maybe they are tired, busy, or going through personal tragedy. But then it stays with me like chronic disappointment. If you cannot share a smile with a child, then how absolutely sad. You have missed out on the most magnificently inspiring opportunity to change your life for the better. Sharing a smile with a child transcends all. That is living. That is the power of meaning. It is in your best interest to observe, love, and experience them. Don't pass them by. They are brilliant teachers walking alongside you everyday.

Children are authentic and living proof of pure connection. They deserve respect and we deserve to give it though our Self-respect. It is incredibly important for us to allow them to teach and share by listening to them. They are incredibly vulnerable and can be greatly influenced by the projections of adults-parents, teachers, friends, relatives. You can easily kill their connection when you choose to consistently disconnect. They are sensitive and are affected by all just as you are even at times when you may feel they/you are not. They are genius and experience everything at deep levels. They may not have the ability to communicate it in complete sentences, but they know. Do not dismiss them, ignore them, or belittle them. We need to savor and grow their connection by deepening ours. Before using negative words with them, stop. Breathe. Look into their eyes and listen. You will speak with clarity, connection, and freedom. If we do not practice awareness with the children now, at a certain point, they too, like us, will lose their individuality and become a product of illusion. They deserve like us to live in their own connected reality.


Children create space to learn. Even when they receive non-thoughtful behavior, they still forgive, and forgive, and forgive. They possess unconditional love. Do not abuse it. Experience the gift of an apology. An authentic apology is a beautiful surrender and authentically expands all involved. It is respect. Being an adult means you have begun to acquire the humility and grace to know that you are not always right. Many times we are skewed and they are completely on target. Release the ego and teach them integrity by being it. Honor and nurture them by experiencing them through seeing and listening in order to deepen our own voice. They are the past, present, and future. Just as Self-love is global peace, appreciating the children is also global peace because they reflect our Self-love. We cannot cultivate our world without giving them the help that they deserve. The next time you are at a restaurant, on an airplane, or at a movie theater and you hear the noise of a child, remember that each time you dismiss them without understanding and compassion you contribute to all that is not safe in the world. You have acted in a negative way towards yourself. Experiencing them will teach you the understanding and patience you do not consistently give to yourself.


Children need you to guide them instead of limiting their freedom. My son Jacob used to say to me so many times, "you are not listening to me," and I would feel like I was. It took me a long time to finally realize how little I was listening to my Self. In order to listen to him I had to do the work it took to evolve my own individuality - my own creativity. As I learned about my voice, he gave me incredible gentleness and laughter of practice. And now we both learn. Your children will not respect you unless you respect you Self. They will fear you if that is how you choose to control them and will not authentically learn from you. They will not allow you to guide them, And they need you to guide them. Guiding through the strength and love of your consciousness. Again, authentic guiding comes from clarity in your connection -listening.  


Therefore, learn to listen to your Self through listening to their highest Self and then they will begin to listen to your highest Self. The result is the balance of listening - fair communicating. If your concept of discipline is through fear, they will certainly obey and they will begin to add to the collective fear that is in our world and they will do exactly what they are told and never think for themselves. Let me add that one of the greatest pleasures of the world is creativity - the ability to express one's Self. When fear is present, you eliminate pieces of truly being alive and living freely. The result is, they live with limited Self-love and worth.


Children arrive in purity with infinite healing power. Receive it and nurture there personality, gift, and spirit. It is not necessary in guiding them to box them in to keep them happy or in order. Though a certain amount of structure is important in all of our lives, it is not the essential part in their happiness. They crave like we all do consistent, balanced, healed, happy, creative human beings around them. Remember they are not the ones with the problem. They are simply showing you a doorway into your conflict and resolution. Please give them the ability to be who they naturally are and who they are meant to be. And for those of you who are not parents, give them the patience and love you deserved that perhaps you did or did not received. When we give unconditionally, it allows us to also experience what we are giving. Experiencing a little more love could only be a good thing.


They need protection that is freeing and not stifling. Care-taking takes away their ability to learn and grow. Gentle reminders and compassion are loved and work. Guide them without fear by dissipating yours.. As adults we can have a greater perception of the dangers of the world, however, they do not need to have every moment reflected in that fear. Nor do they need any phobias transferred on to them. So many of us walk with our spirit hidden and in constant search of finding it. Their spirit is fully alive. Please keep it alive by consistently healing yourself and practicing awareness. We cannot expect them to be enlightened if we are not. We cannot expect anything of them that we ourselves do not authentically practice. And then again, perhaps we deserve to release all expectation and live in simplicity by sharing our individual consciousness.


When we listen, we allow them to reinforce kindness. When we give ourselves gentle boundaries, they listen. When we smile, they teach us to play. When we play, we share and illuminate perfection. Children inspire us to be human. And being human is the ultimate gift.


They are grace untapped - gentle winds, sunshine, gorgeous remembrance of all we were and all we will be. Watch them and see yourself reflected in your highest light.


They know, we forgot and forget, and deserve to remember.