Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.



serendipity. synchronicity. perfect timing. meaningful coincidence. divine intervention. grace.

The more in tune you are with your true self, the more you become aware of how connected absolutely everything and everyone is.

As a healer, Ria Ray uses her tremendous compassion and clarity to help you achieve greater awareness, surmount obstacles, and love yourself more deeply so you can live your most meaningful life. She acts as a catalyst to help you change your perspective into one that is positive and full of possibility in each moment. She helps you discover pure freedom.

A typical healing session with Ria includes energizing breathing along with intuitively guided gentle touch. Dialogue and insights from Ria reveal new outlooks and profoundly shift energies. As Ria lovingly ushers you into self-discovery, powerful realizations rise to the surface—realizations that hold the power to transform your life.

Tap into your most authentic self. Embrace the alchemy. Live your truth.

To inquire or schedule a session with Ria, please email ria@riaray.com.