Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.


Imagine yourself at the end of your life looking back. Focus in on the sum total of the moments, days, years you doubted yourself. Then come back present and add up the years to date. This total equals the amount of time you have wasted not believing in who you are. Doubt is a powerfully dangerous habit. It creates a clear barrier between you and your essence; between you and your purpose; between you and love. Naturally there are many reasons we choose to not trust.


One of the most significant ones I have seen and certainly experienced is the fear of moving forward as change is needed. The change involved in changing can feel devastating and surreal. However, I have learned that there is no value in choosing to doubt yourself. Even though it is deeply challenging to believe in yourself, it is more painful to not access the inner strength necessary to walk forward with more of your brilliance.

No matter the past mistakes, hurt, or chaos, it is still a wiser direction to choose to allow the real you to guide you.There are typically two clear voices you will hear, one that believes and one that does not. Decide which one you want to believe and experiment. See where they go and what they give back to you. However, whichever one you choose stick with it. Devote to the perseverance and discipline required to listen with consistently.


Believing is inspiring and effortless out of the gate, but takes a great deal of energy to maintain. The environment is full of distractions and disbelief so it is up to you to remember and stay aware. The discipline of a spiritual practice yields daily clarity. Have fun creating one on your own by listening to the voice that believes.

An idea: breathing and gratitude everyday, morning, noon, and night. Spend enough time giving thanks to the courage you have shown and the steps you have taken. Wake up every morning with awareness that your spirit exists and be willing to allow it to guide you and give you what you need. Mid-day is a breathing in reminder to continue walking into love. At bedtime time, listen to the sacred messages you have acquired through the day. Allow the dots to connect and fall into a dreamscape that gives you deep rest. Each step is significant and deserves inner validation of goodness. Slow down enough to give yourself and others appreciation for trusting.


In the end you are wonderful and born with what it takes to be fully you.


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