Ria Ray is a spiritual healer who makes an array of products to support the lifestyle.


I am a woman, a mother, a healer and a business consultant. In my many roles, I have found that the key to most difficulties in becoming more aware and experiencing bliss lives in something very basic: Self-love. Yet self-love is often very difficult for us to practice throughout our lives.


Self-love is the key to meaningful living, the only way into spirit; self-love generates and breathes life into spirit.


There is infinite inspiration information. If you are engaged in processing and surfing spiritual evolution, you may sometimes feel caught in a trap of non experience. In other words you may feel you are always searching and never arriving. You may wonder if you are truly awake or harvesting the fruits of your human being. In our 21st century 24/7 culture, there is always somewhere to get to and someone to become. Please allow yourself to stop searching and begin living in self-love. The teacher inside of you can be experienced through self-love. Self-love can be defined, accelerated and deepened through the BREATH of your physical body and the breath of your spirit.


Our breath is the first right we receive when we are born along with our name. The energy of a newborn is amazing, pure, and authentic. It contains the potential of a huge life. Experiencing the innocence of your own energy is like coming home inside yourself. It is the ultimate in feeling safe, nurtured, and open. It is the strength inside of vulnerability: The strength of unconditional love.


When you breathe in your spirit air, you bring your awareness directly to what you are holding on to and what you need to surrender to evolve your bliss.


Underneath the grief, loss, disappointment, fear, longing, loneliness, numbness and anger is always resolution. Relax your resistance and allow the doorway to reveal itself in its perfect time. Happiness and creativity is your human core. The air that you breathe is the air that we all breathe. What an incredible way to experience how intricately we are all connected and how deeply we must embrace healing andexpanding consciousness through the practice of Self-love. What is self-love and how do we authentically connect to it?

The world longs for healing, creativity, and innocence. Self-love can deliver that.


Global peace is dependent on individual peace. Self-love teaches peace by showing us how to embrace our greatness as well as flaws--without conflict.


Self-love is where the ego has its natural place, beautifully integrated with the mind, body, heart, and Spirit. We can only share consciousness with others when we allow it to enter our selves and begin living it. We, as human beings, all deserve to share love by embodying love. We can only share what we are.


Self-love eliminates the need for external validation. Our culture (the culture we are all actively creating) uses things, people, careers as a means to define how creative, powerful, or spiritual we are.


Connecting to your spirit as an act of self-love allows you to begin to value yourself from the inside out. Therefore self-love helps heal emotional or mind/body disconnection. This is essential because now you no longer need permission to create, exist, or be loved. NOW you are liberated from self-judgment.


The same judgment that holds you back from life will begin to dismantle itself and NOW your unique genius will be experienced and shared. We are all inventors, artists, healers, and teachers. The conscious choice of self-love allows you to be the multi talented human that you are.


Feel in your spirit the magnificence of where we originated and the vastness of what you are experiencing in your lifetime. Look through the sky. Self-love diffuses the fear and the voices that tell us what we cannot do and reminds us of all we can create. Self-love stimulates momentum to a new way of life-authentic living. Self-love helps you cultivate personal awareness. It provides the clarity to see yourself accurately in each moment. It is imperative that we choose to observe ourselves in situations and not be so fast to judge, label, and diminish others. Global peace will grow incrementally as we continue to embody what we want to experience in the world. Each of us has an opportunity to choose and be love. To notice when we are authentic in it, and to have the courage to see when we are not. And then deepen our kindness to ourselves through forgiveness.

We all contribute to the negative and positive behavior in the world. All we can do is become aware of both. Let go of the negative through forgiveness and deepen the positive by sharing without strings attached the bliss of unconditional love.

The cultivation of Self-love is like an organic, wild, fragrant garden. It needs patience, time, devotion, trueness, awareness, tolerance, openness, light, water and again patience. Self-love is the commitment to forever practice smiling at yourself even in hard, dark times.


Part of practicing self-love is the unmasking and demystifying of theories, philosophies, and old patterns that may be unwittingly blocking your growth. Realize that there are many teachings with pure intentions that may or may not be right and natural for expanding your happiness.


You have the potential to connect now. It always has been, and always will be your choice to connect or not. No permission or teaching is necessary for you to be connected to your higher consciousness and the collective consciousness. After all, who can possibly know you better than you?


Situations, events, and people will enter your world in order to give you an experience that will show you more of yourself, yet no one can confirm who you are other than you. This is an act of courage, faith, and love. This is self-love. This is Spirit. This is freedom.


The words of another can guide you, but never define you.


You get to decide your way of life and what is perfect for you. Not the media,

culture, or industry. You get to choose what is really important to you and what success is for you...devise your own measurements for living...the clarity is inside of you.


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